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                welcome购彩中心卫浴 welcome购彩中心卫浴
                welcome购彩中心 - 官网首页APP | 购彩大厅平台网址入口(简称welcome购彩中心厨卫),坐落于宝岛台湾◢对面、民族英雄郑成功的故乡――福建省泉州╱南安市,是一家集研发、生产、销售为一体的实业公司。经营各类水龙头、卫生陶瓷、浴室柜、淋浴房、五金挂件、花洒、智能晾衣架、净水器、厨卫电器、智能家居等厨卫智能一体化系列产品。
                集团公司积极参与国家※标准、行业标准的制定工作,是国家⌒标准GB18145-2014《陶瓷片密封水嘴》、GB/T 24293-2009《数控恒温水嘴》、GB 25501-2010《水嘴∑ 用水效率限值及等级》、GB 25502-2010《座便器用水效率限值及等级》、GB/T 26712-2011《卫★生洁具及暖气管道用直角阀》,建材行业标准JC/T 2115-2012《非接触感应给ζ水器具》、JC/T 2120-2012《卫生间便器〖扶手》和轻工标准QB/T1560-2006《卫生间附属♀配件》、QB/T 1334-2013《水嘴通用技术条件》、QB2806-2006《温控水嘴》等三十多项国标及行标的起草(修订)、审议、审定Ψ单位之一。集团公司在同行业中率先同时通过了ISO9001、ISO14001、ISO45001管理体系认证及中国节水产品认证。集【团公司组建了自己的产品检测试验中心,按ISO/IEC17025:2005《检测和校准实验室能力的通用要求》标准,配制相应的硬件及软件设「施,并通过中国合格评定国家认可委员※会(CNAS)的实验室认可,产品检测能力处于行▆业领先水平。
                面对未来,睿智的welcome购彩中心人将一如既往秉承“品质ω铸就welcome购彩中心”的品质追求,坚持开拓创新、与时俱ω 进的经营思路,发挥公司强大品牌及3000多家经销商网点的优◆势,进一◎步完善产品链,在务实求精的辛勤耕耘中与您一起缔造生活中的点点滴滴,共享和谐轻松的美好生活。
                fujian HHSN Kitchen & Bath Group Co., Ltd. (HHSN) is located in Nan'an City, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, opposite Taiwan, Zheng Chenggong's hometown. It is an industrial company integrating R&D, production and sales. Operating a variety of faucets, sanitary ceramics, bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, hardware accessories, showers, smart drying racks, water purifiers, kitchen and bathroom appliances, smart homes and other kitchen and intelligent integration products.
                HHSN Group Company is the vice chairman unit of China Hardware Products Association, the vice chairman unit of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, the president of Fujian Plumbing and Sanitary Valve Industry Association, the first batch of water-saving certification products manufacturer, and the first batch of national water nozzle China. Environmental labeling product certification enterprise, adopting international standard enterprise, China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association 3A credit enterprise. The company's "HHSN" trademark was recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as a well-known trademark in China. The group company has won China's top brand products, China's top ten sanitary ware brands, China's top ten engineering sanitary ware brands, Asian brand top 500, national authoritative testing standards products, national engineering construction recommended products, Chinese consumers assured shopping quality credible products and the National Olympics The sports center appoints special titles and other honors and titles.
                The group company actively participates in the formulation of national standards and industry standards. It is the national standard GB18145-2014 "ceramic sealing faucet", GB/T 24293-2009 "CNC thermostatic faucet", GB 25501-2010 "water nozzle water efficiency limit Value and grade", GB 25502-2010 "Liquid water efficiency limit and grade", GB/T 26712-2011 "Pure angle valve for sanitary ware and heating pipe", building materials industry standard JC/T 2115-2012 "non-contact induction Water supply equipment, JC/T 2120-2012 "Bathroom toilet handrail" and light industry standard QB/T1560-2006 "Winter accessories", QB/T 1334-2013 "General technical conditions of water nozzle", QB2806-2006 "temperature control One of the more than 30 drafting (revision), deliberation and examination units for more than 30 national standards and standards. The group company has taken the lead in the same industry and passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 management system certification and China water-saving product certification. The group company has set up its own product testing and testing center, according to ISO/IEC17025:2005 "General Requirements for Testing and Calibration Laboratory Capabilities", to prepare corresponding hardware and software facilities, and passed the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). Laboratory recognition, product testing capabilities are at the industry leading level.
                Facing the future, the wise HHSN people will continue to uphold the quality pursuit of "HHSN means Quality", adhere to the business ideas of pioneering and innovating and advancing with the times, take advantage of the company's strong brand and more than 3,000 dealer outlets. Improve the product chain, create a life with you in the hard work of pragmatism and refinement, share a harmonious and relaxed life.

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